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Hi All,

Just curious if anyone has experience with Quixel Megascans used in Houdini. I was able to eventually figure out how to get the plugin to recognize the MSLiveLink. I am also able to export 3D assets directly into Houdini. But when it comes to importing material assets, Houdini does not recognize what was imported.  For instance,  when I setup the material asset in the ground plane parameters, I am unable to see material in the viewport. Likewise, when I try a work around and setup "uv quick shade" and  "material" nodes inside the ground plane and call up the material asset, I still get nothing. 

Has anyone had this issue before, and is there a known fix?





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FYI: I did stumble upon a fix that I'll share in case others have this difficulty. I simply went to the material pane, then to the texture tab of the geometry in question, and selected the same exact texture that already populated the texture parameter, from the same exact location where it was downloaded from Bridge. I was able to repeat this with all assets and it works reliably! Weird bug, but easy fix. It just took days to figure out.

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