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Filling an crate with boxes

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I am trying to fill an eggcrate with boxes inside of houdini, but it just doesn't seem that easy. 

In moi, or rhino using nurbs it is relatively easy to pick two points and the move to the third point to create a cube inside crate, but in houdini I can only drop boxes in point location, it seems I would have to move manually and adjust until everything is in place which seems to be a long process.   Does anyone have a faster workflow


the reason I am doing it in houdini is because i want boxes to be parametric at a later stage in design . 


any suggestions? 

houdini box in corner point.PNG

easy module.PNG


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Nevermind, I figured out a workflow of doing planes instead of boxes in rhino then exporting planes and polyextruding them into boxes individual components and then using polyextrude as parametric object




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Another option you have is to use a divide sop with bricker, and then two options :

- collapse each face to a single point with a for loop and a fuse, and then copy box to each point

- extrude each face to get a cube (procedurally it can be done by measuring the length of one side of the face and feed this into the extrude distance)

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