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Parent Constraint

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Hi ,

If i have two object , "Obj A" and "Obj B".  for eg -  Obj A have animated tranlate , rotation and scale values and its moving from grid postion 0 to 50.

I want to parent Obj B with Obj A, but only Translate , nither rotate nor scale.

Is it possible?? or what is trick to do that pls help.

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Maybe not a great solution, but you could right click on Obj A's translate x and click "copy parameter" and then on Obj B's translate x you'd enter a + and then right click and paste relative reference.

What you essentially are doing is adding the positions of Obj A to the positions of Obj B.

It's not as clean as just hooking node to another but I think it is one of the easiest ways to fix this.
Sorry if this is poorly explained, tell me if it is and I'll try to write a better one

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