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Houdini 18 - Instancing debris on particles (Fracture simulation)

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Hello all,

I am struggling since some months on a problem which I cant solve, I have tried so many things like, have searched YouTube Tutorials but they are for older versions...

My goal is, i am trying to do a easy fracture sim like a ball hitting a wall and the wall crumbles. But then I click on the "debris" shelftool and after that I am stuck on the problem, attaching some of the fractured pieces on the particles...

I want to learn this on some easy fracture set-ups so that I could apply it later to some complicated set-ups if necessary.

I would appreciate some help. :)

and if someone of you had time I would be veeery glad about a Hip file for this problem :)

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Your best bet is to post an example of the setup you are trying to use that is not working, and allow some of the knowledgeable people on the board to repost some edits of your setup to help you out. ;)

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Hey tamagochy 

I have a doubt that you shared the fixed file it helped very much but on that, we are instancing only one piece of fracture on all the particles. 

If we want to instance all the fractured pieces randomly on the particles, then how to do that. 

Your guidance will help. 


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