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Environment hdr to standard lighting


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Is there a workflow to "translate" a hdr environment lighting to normal lights? I want exactly the same illumination with the Houdini standard lights (or nearly).  I'm interested in the workflow as well if there is a hda.

Thanks in advance.

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@Knonstantin:  Sounds promising, will give  it a try. Could you go a little bit deeper into detail as you imagine the setup? Reading the values on each point and transfer them to the lights. Becomes fast a mess with so many lights....? There are so many parameters... tricky... And python... well, but thankfully there is Vex as well.

@Librarian, not really cause In this Setup there is no Overall Lightning as in an environment

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You can instance Lights with the Instance Object, but two things to keep in mind. First, you have to exclude the template light in your mantra rop
and if you want to use colors from your hdr, you have to use an expression on the color parameter on your template light. Pretty sure, this is
old workflow and there's probably a newer one. Nevertheless, this one works :)






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