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Blast nodes within subnetwork

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I am trying to put a blast node inside a subnet, and then connect the blast selection part to the subnet parameter interface (to be able to select stuff without going in the subnet directly to the blast node to select).

When trying to use the selection icon in subnet interface I get the 'NoneType' error below, and I am not sure how it could be resolved.


Any ideas would be great


Thanks in advance



For anyone who may have this problem, I have found a fix.

The reason for the error is the button needs to get data from the Group Type parameter (to determine whether to select primitive, points, etc), and that was not present as a parameter therefore causing the error.


So either drag the Group type parameter as well to the subnet parameter interface, and it should work fine (though may be unnecessary if you know what group type you're using all the time and therefore useless clutter, that being my case).

If you don't want to clutter the interface, this is how I fixed it by pointing the button's group type request to the blast node within via editing the action button script a bit.

(Maybe not the most elegant code but works well enough for me).



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Found a fix

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