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Help needed in choosing the right cpu

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Hi guys,


Im planning to build a pc for me and also gonna buy indie license,


i will use this pc mostly for motion graphics work, particles, small scale flip and high res pyro as well.


i have choosen the nvida 2070 gpu for gpu rendering but after the leaks im now waiting for the new generation gpus from nvidia.


i have googled a lot about choosing the right cpu,still i couldn't decide which one to buy


amd ryzen 9 3900x


intel 10700k


i know amd has more cores which can be utilised well by houdini. but still lot of my friends suggest intel over Amd based on their user experience. also i have found this comparison





in which amd is way too down than than intel. But everyone over youtube suggesting AMD.


so i really need suggestion from you guys who are actual houdini users instead of blindly believing in youtubers and online database..


Any advise will really help me a lot as this is gonna be a very big investment for me.


Thank you.

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