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Python parmNamingSchemes issues

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I am new to python (please excuse if I am a bit slow in areas) and I am currently trying to chuck some parameters from a source node to a null and reference all the channels on those recreated parameters back to the source node.

To do so, I am grabbing the template group from the source and setting it on the target null, then I am doing all my other stuff. This works fine but as I was testing my script, I ran into some issues with naming schemes. If my source node uses one of these: MinMax, MaxMin, StartEnd, BeginEnd, XYWH naming schemes, I am getting an error ("The attempted operation failed. Parameters don't support MinMax, MaxMin... parmNamingSchemes") when trying to set the parm template on the target. I found some info in the documentation and it says that I am not allowed to use those naming schemes when editing the parm interface on a node but that some built-in node types use them (https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/parmNamingScheme.html).

Now, I thought that I might be able to just search all my parmTemplates in my parmTemplateGroup and set those "bad" naming schemes to Base1, at least for testing. I did that and I found one that was in the above list but even though I can update and print the updated parmNamingScheme, I am still getting the same error when running my script.

This makes me think that I am probably not understanding the issue correctly. It also really confuses me that I can manually (editing parm interface) grab all the parameters (including the namingScheme issue one) and chuck them onto my target null without any errors or warnings.

If anyone could shine any light on this issue or maybe even share some resources, I would be more than grateful!

Thanks so much :)

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Just in case anyone runs into a similar issue... turns out that I didn't read the documentation correctly. From what I understand now, when you grab a parm from the TemplateGroup, it gives you a copy of that parm. When modifying that copy, it doesn't actually modify the parm in your TemplateGroup. To get my namingScheme fixed, I modified that copy, then called replace() to swap the modified parm with the original parm. Worked like a charm!

Documentation I should have read more in depth is here: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/ParmTemplateGroup.html

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