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Strange pyro cutoff

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Hey all

I have a strange problem with my pyro sim. The flames are cutting of in the Render view tab. (like in the picture)... 

What is caussing this? I have press more times before that the "smokeless flame" shelftool and everything was fine...but since one moment something is strange there... :/ 

Help would be very nice.. :)

Pyro cut off.jpg

Pyro cut off_Render view.jpg

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My guess is the value mapping in your shader is not the same as the one in your visualizer in DOPs/SOPs.
Try to troubleshoot by checking what the min and max values are on the visualizer in DOPs and copy those values over to your shader.
Making sure that it's using the same fields as well.
Or, where you import the volumes in SOPs, plug them into a Volume Visualization SOP and check whe range of values you need for what you want.
Once you have something you like, use those values for the corresponding fields in your shader and work forward from there.

Or, you could share your scene and we could have quick look.

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Opening your file, siming to frame 25 and hitting enter gives me this.
In the viewport:



And this in the render view:


I'm not getting any cutoff.

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I still don't get any cutoff.
No matter how far/low I go.

Are you sure you've given the exact same scene?


Maybe it has got something to do with your hardware?
Reaching memory limit or something along those lines.

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