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[ NEED URGENT HELP ] Attribute Blur OpenCL Error [ MAC ]

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I booted up Houdini this morning to do some more learning and when I put down an attribute blur node this error came up:



So I dived into the node to see where it was occurring and this is what I found:



I tried to problem solve it on my own by doing a Google search and this is the solution I came upon:



I then followed the steps and added "HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICETYPE=GPU" to my houdini.env.  

Saved and restarted my computer.


But it has not helped in my case as my attribute blur node is still giving me the same error.


I then dropped in an OpenCL node and this is the error from it:



This is where I am stuck now.  


This is the details of my Houdini openCL:


And of my computer:



Is my computer no longer able to work with openCL?  I'm not technically sound to problem solve this on my own so I'm here to seek help!


Thanks a bunch,


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