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PDG working in HQueue

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Hi !

Firstly i'd like to say that have an experience setting up and working with HQ (render, sim)

Now i'm trying to set up PDG working on Hqueue but i've faced some strange issues

I've set up everything and try to launch render. it fails 

output log says:

 C:/app/houdini/Houdini_18.0.460/python27/python2.7.exe: can't open file 'W:/3DCG/test_rs/proj_td/pdgtemp/21808/scripts/pdgmq.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory


Part of diagnostic information:

Client Job Commands:
Windows Command:
"C:/app/houdini/Houdini_18.0.460/python27/python2.7.exe" "W:/3DCG/test_rs/proj_td/pdgtemp/21808/scripts/pdgmq.py" --xmlport 0 --relayport 0 --start

But....this file (pdgmq.py) does exist and path is correct.

even more : if i copy/paste this command line into cmd console - it works. pdgmq.py starts ok. and it's done under the same user as HQclient logs on.


I have no idea where to dig further...... 




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