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Mixing colors in small scale Flip sim (Mantra)

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Hello Everyone

I am mixing fluid colors in a pretty simple small scale flip simulation. To that point things behave as expected.

This is the problem that I encounter:

I set the desired color to my emitter (let's say it is required to match an existing product), the Cd attribute is then transferred between neighboring particles throughout the solve. Ok there.

The problem is that, as the colored fluid dilutes inside the clear liquid, the colored fluid then darkens unacceptably and the two never really blend into each other (I believe in real world, the darker color would remain the same or lighten as it dilutes into a clear liquid, depending on the viscosity). 

This is partly due to the 'at distance' control of the 'transparency color' but in my case I can only set it correctly to either the stream (thin) or to the contained fluid (deep) but not both. Also I am not yet capable to build shaders among other advanced techniques.

I would need the color to match a rose pink troughout the simulation.


Is anyone able to manipulate some attributes upstream or knows how to render this correctly.


Many thanks



Here is a simplified Hip sim easier to move around







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Inside the SopSolver inside the dopnetwork try moving the display flag to the attribute transfer. Without that, I don't think your Cd transfer is actually working.

Also, you may want to add Cd to the list of interpolated attributes under the Reseeding TAB of the FLIP solver.


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I just did like you said.. Dude! It works!!

Here is a render of the same frame (no other changes)


Thank you again for sharing your great knowledge


The Hip file link is up to date for the community



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