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Virtual desktop solutions for Houdini 18 : advise needed

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Just started using Houdini, and am undergoing paid tutorials as well.
However, the viewport and some simulations along with render times are very slow.

I use a MacPro 6,1 quad core, with 64 GB memory with the (unsupported) FirePro D300 graphics card.(OS Catalina)

Since i am not in a position to upgrade my system, the idea of using a virtual desktop/virtual workstation seems like an avenue, i would like to check out.

There was a 3rd party vendor, who had mentioned (in these forums) that they provide virtual desktop solutions for Houdini, but on contacting,them they informed me, that they had put the solution on hold.

Could the members of these forums guide me in this ?

On searching through google, there are 5-6 vendors, that provide virtual desktop/workstations…specifically for design/CAD/modelling
Vmware along with Nvidia, also has a workstation solution.

I am not all that tech savvy , so i thought, i would get the recommendation of this forum, before i approach them.
I am not sure of the technical specifications that are needed, for me to run these virtual machines.

Any help or guidance, in breaking down the technical jargon or recommendations, would be appreciated


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