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Section within larger Terrain that requires more detail

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Hello everyone,

I got the following problem. I use Houdini in conjunction with Maya, Zbrush and Painter. Terrains aren't my strong suit.

My current project has a shot where the camera follows a fairly close view of someone's foot marks in a muddy area. The muddy area is part of a bigger terrain. Generating the terrain in Houdini is completed and it looks nice. The question is how do I add a much much higher resolution detail to the one specific area of the terrain and make it blend seamlessly with the larger Terrain?

My current solution is to finish the terrain and bring it to Maya as Geometry, extract the faces of high detail and send it to Zbrush for sculpting and eventually texture it and bring it back to Maya. And for the rest of the terrain use masks generated by erosion to texture (standard texture mapping).

Being inexperienced in this area, I would love to hear from terrain Gurus if I am on the right path or if there is a more standard approach for tasks like this.

Thank you very much.

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