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COPY STAMP SOP, Third party render texture

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Hey all :)

I am trying to create a very basic balloon setup, where I have some different octane textures, that I want to run through a switch, and then into a COPY STAMP SOP, and finally into a DOP network - everything in my setup works, except that when I hit the COPY STAMP SOP, my textures goes all funny... before the COPY STAMP SOP it works fine. Does anyone know if its even possible to run a third party render texture through that node? I have seen a bunch of tutorials out there doing it successfully with basic color - but not texture? :)

Any help would make my day!! 


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Assuming that when you say a render texture we are talking about an octane material, am I right?

As for why the texture goes all funny best guess is to have a look at both the "UV" vertex attribute and the "shop material path" primitive attribute too see if they change when going through the copy stamp (UV can easily be checked by using the UVQuickShade node when display material in viewport is enabled).
On a slightly different note, might I inquire about why you are using stamping? If you haven't already (and you are using Houdini 18 or greater) you might want to look into the variant attribute/options added to the copy to points node. It's kind of meant to "replace" stamping and be more efficient and user friendly.

Not much concrete in there but hopefully something in there might be of some use!

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Hey hey Peon :)

Thank you very much for your reply! 

Haha yes, it was Octane Material. 

I was just using stamping because I saw it in a tutorial and it worked - I will definitely have a look at the other work around as well, sounds interesting! 

Anyways, I found the problem - it was because there was a texture protection tag in the shop network- messing up the uv texture tag in geo network - so as soon as I removed that, it brought everthing back to normal. So if anyone out there is having the same problem, dont do that :D

So you answer was usefull - made me look a second time! 

Have a great day!

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