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TOP/PDG Python processor fetch files

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I would like to fetch files using python into work items.

I have an array of file paths and I want to create a work item per file basically to process them.
Same way as the “filepattern” top but with python processor.

I can not find the python way to do that.

Thank you guys

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Hi Mikel,

I believe this question should be posted in the Scripting Forum

But here's how I would do it

Inside a Python Processor,

from os import listdir

path = r"C:\someFolder"
allFiles = listdir(path)

for file in allFiles:
	newItem = item_holder.addWorkItem()
	newItem.setStringAttrib("file", file)
	newItem.setStringAttrib("path", path + "\\" + file)

Basically, using this documentation page, you can see how to add a work item
This tells you that the resulting object is → pdg.WorkItem
If you follow it to its documentation page, there you can see how to add an attribute to said work item

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