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graduation film (german /eng. sub)

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I’d like to share my final animation project form school. it's a music video "Reise". I’m not very happy with it, and like to improve it. Time and other circumstance had me to cut a lot of stuff to finish it.  
I used MotionBuilder for MoCap, Houdini for the rest and AfterEffects to get the painterly look. English Subtitles are paraphrased.

I would really appreciate some help –I’d like to improve the integration effect of the man etc.  I used a curve node with path and an attract node and set kexframe on the activation but it doesn't look that good. I also would like to have, that the particles are pushing the curtains but I couldn't get it done. The curtains are a simple vellum simulation. How would this effect be done properly?

thank you

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