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Spawning assets Houdini looks different than in UE4

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I tried posting this issue on the SideFX forum without much luck. 

I got a terrain where I need to spawn some assets (rocks).
When I spawn the exact same asset in Houdini onto the scattered points (via copy to points) they have a different size/rotation
than the ones that are instanced in UE4. I'm using pscale, normal and up attributes to set everything up.

I attached 2 screenshots to show my point - am i doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

best regards,



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Never mind... i found the problem myself. 

In case it helps somebody else:
I had my spawn points in the same GEO node as my terrain. This messes up the point attributes.
Actually I was aware of that before - so i added another GEO node for the spawn points and use Object Merge to collect the points from my terrain geo. 

Nothing showed up though. 

The problem was, that you need to use the relative path in the object merge. Not "obj/..." 

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