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Python Panel - Drag and Drop - to network view

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Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if Anyone can point me in the right direction for this. (or tell me if it is even possible)

currently have a QtreeWidget in a python panel and I want to be able to drag one of the items in the list from the panel into the network view anf drop the file(execute the function needed).

main trouble I am having is trying to logic working for the drag and drop events - what functions should I be looking for.

- do i need to use Pyside2 events (can manage to get feedback from dragEnterEvent() and dropEvent(), but these only work in the panel it self)

- or would it be built in events from houdini that need to be call?

im no expert on this. any gurus out there that can throw me a bone?


currently on hou18.








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