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VEX custom data types: hash table

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I am discovering a Data Structures topic and implement a Hash Table in VEX as an exercise.
Despite it is totally useless in real production it still could be worthwhile as an example for similar tasks.

Create a library.h file and save it to any location, e.g. C:/library.h
The content of the library.h file:

// The library.h content
// VEX Hash Table implementation for {string:float} pairs
struct hash_table{
    int array_len;  // Limit array length
    float data[];  // Init data

    int build_index(string key){
        // Build and return index for array from string
        int index = random_shash(key) % this.array_len*10;

        return index;

    void add_item(string key; float value){
        // Place item value in array at index position
        int index = this -> build_index(key);
        this.data[index] = value;

    float get_item(string key){
        // Get item from array by position
        int index = this -> build_index(key);
        float value = this.data[index];

        return value;

Now in Attribute Wrangle (Detail mode) you can build a shopping list:

#include "C/library.h"

// Initialize hash table
float data[];
int table_size = 10;
hash_table fruits_number = hash_table(table_size, data);

// Add elements to hash table
fruits_number->add_item('apple', 256);
fruits_number->add_item('banana', 1024);
fruits_number->add_item('strawberry', 512);

// Get element from hash table
float number_of_apples = fruits_number->get_item('apple');
printf('Amount = %s \n', number_of_apples); 

// Result: Amount = 256 

More on creating and importing custom modules with VEX

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