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Setting up pyro sim right

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Hello all,

I am a beginner at Houdini, but I try to understand some VEX coding, some easy coding to give velocity to normals. Now I am trying to achieve a Explosion with trails.

I have set up a particle system where I have given some velocity to the particles. Now I am trying to use this particle system to drive the smoke/explosion simulation. But I don't know how to set it up right.  
Because I have tried the shelf tool "Explosion" and "fireball" but the result looks not so good. The smoke on the particles are dots. I have tried to increase the substeps in the pyro solver but nothing has changed at all.

is there a right way, probably I do it wrong in some way.

I am provide my Hip file here, in the case if someone knows how to do it It would be very thankfull. 

trail explosion_training.hipnc

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Like this - pyro_flare.hiplc
You can improve that by making the volume source more interesting (noise) and playing with forces. For manipulating the vel field the "Volume Velocity" sop is a quick solution.


If everything looks way too blocky, disable your scene view's display options/ textures/ limit 3d textures setting.

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