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Sparse Pyro Combustion Emission

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I've played around with the sparse pyro combustion model a bit and have a few question about the emission of smoke by flames.

 - I was under the impression that, when emitting smoke eg. in flame range 0-0.5 from a clear (full 1.0) burn field with a flame life of 2.0 there should be no smoke emitted at all in the first second?
However, my flame field immediately drops down to values below 0.5 on the outer borders, even without any diffusion/dissipation going on. Hence theres smoke coating my flames from the start.
How could my emitter (values 0 or range 1-2, sourced with max) produce values as low as 0.1 in the flame field on the second simulation frame? Maybe blurring by the advection? Or am I missing some field interaction here?

 - I also wanted to use a noise inside a sop solver to vary the flame density emission rates. While I could import the field with Dopimport Fields I could not find a way to apply that noise outside of the sop solver (bind it to the dopnet).

Here's a small example scene to showcase the issue: sparsePyro-burn.hiplc

 And a quick render:

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the flame range doesn't actually seem to work for me. Smoke is always emitted everywhere even from the very start.

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