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How to Approach Small Scale FLIP Sim

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I'd like to ask if anyone has a methodology they can share for approaching small scale FLIP simulations. We all know FLIP has stability issues when working in the real-world scale of coffee cups and cereal bowls. But I haven't found any info that addresses directly how to get around that. If you scale the scene up by, say, 10, to get to units Houdini is more comfortable with, do you then need to: scale up gravity? Scale up collision velocity? Scale up Time Scale? I've read about the Spatial Scale setting in the Solver tab, but when I go by the documentation and set it to 0.01 (for a scene modeled in centimeters), I can't get even one frame simmed. IMHO since it's an exact scale of units, there must be a simple mathematical way to accomplish this in a couple of settings to get things to match up. Or am I wrong and it's going to take endless tweaking just to get things looking sorta right?

I'd appreciate any input!

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I think that's what fluid particles can be used for. Check out Lewis' video and example file here.


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