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Rhythmic particle emission

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Hey everyone,

this seems like a rather trivial thing, however, I'm a bit stuck. I'm currently working on an AA gun-asset to create tracer fire for a couple of night shots, but I'm having trouble getting the pop source to emit a constant stream of particles. It works if I set the emission to once every frame or once per substep, but for all other combinations of timings I tried, I get a stuttered particle stream with lumps and gaps. I must be missing something here. Surely there is a way to quantize the particle emission to be more regular?

Thanks in advance!


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So it happens like it usually does, right after posting my cry for help, I discover the checkbox for probabilistic emission, unchecking which is exactly the solution I was looking for. So in case, anybody else looks for it, the pop source node has the option in question.

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