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Alan Monroig

Problem with Vellum and Rest Length

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I need help solving this issue! it is driving me crazy…

When I increase the Rest Length attribute of a pressure constraint (using vellumconstraintproperty and restlengthscale parameter). The object moves erratically, unstable…

I have tried with different resolution geometry, sim scale, substeps, constraint iterations, smoothly animating the attribute, etc..

Do not know how else to troubleshoot.

Thank you in advanced,



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On 10/19/2020 at 10:42 AM, Noobini said:

look here:


last chapter is where inflation is shown. Go get the pbd_inflatable_toy file and study it.

here's a quick adaptation.





Thank you, but... your file does not solve the issue, if I increase the Rest Length higher than 1 (which is what you enabled) it turns unstable. The restscale attribute you tried to change through VEX does no effect because you ticked the wrong parameter. I will take a look at the masterclass.

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Just in case, there is a recent post just up there that is a quite related. he (Jackassole) is dealing with restlength

Worth checking. SOP level Vellum may be right for your application


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