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Volume Rendering (Redshift)

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I have the same, don't know how to solve it. I'm using Houdini 18.5 and RedsShift 3.0.38.

I'm trying to build this C4D tutorial into Houdini, but it is not working at all. 5 minutes in the tutorial and Houdini is not giving me the same results. I never get this dense (black) volume.
I have tried increasing the @density==100. Looks good and dense in the viewport, but never in the render.

There used to be a Volume enable check box on the Geometry node (Redshift OBJ tab), but this is not in there no more, maybe that is where the problem is.




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Try to play with density or emission range in the advanced tab of the volume shader. (old min & old max)

Maybe the value of your volume are not in the range 0-1. In this case you have to adjust the values.
In some cases a misalignment can cause this pixelation effect.

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your volume denisty in shaders is way too low. boost your shaderwith at least 10 times higher density.
it depends which how create your volume. the regular pyro has uncpntrolled density and temperature normalized values. the sparse pyro solver is based on kelvin temperature. redhsift volume shader are quite limited your have rebance your shader or your field.

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