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Motion Path and Camera handles visible simeltenously

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to get to see the camera handles and motion path at the same time, unfortunately seems i can not do it, this is very helpful while animating the camera

however it seems i am doing somrthing wrong in this regard

here is what i mean exactly: please see attachment


in addition to that a few more "whys":

1. why the motion path doesnt show first and last keyframe's tangents
2. why the camera frustrum handle moves to the "not visible" motion path @1:19 mark on the attached srenngrab
3. why do i have an alleged "orphan keyframe" on the motion path on frame "49" while there is no keyframe on that frame

PS: that being said i must admit i do not understand the hudini handles' full potential yet, still studying it.

I hope someone magical has the answers/ :) solutions

thanks in advance! 

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