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foreach -setpointattrib

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hello. I am trying to set color to the points in the array that the nearpoints function found. I am trying to set it in a foreach loop. However, it is not working for some strange reason. I'm sure im going wrong somewhere. Here it is:

i[]@ptarray =  nearpoints(1, v@P, chf("maxDist"), 133);

foreach(int pt; @ptarray){
    setpointattrib(0, "Cd", pt, {1,0,0});



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The logic doesn't work:
nearpoints() will give you point numbers from the second input, they have nothing to do with the first input point numbers.
Here are 2 simple ways of doing what you want, just testing if you get at least one point within a search radius.

// 1) nearpoint 
int pt = nearpoint(1,@P,chf("maxDist"));

// 2) pointcloud


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