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Hscript Question

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I'm im trying create a seed value/reference for the null using Hscript, but im getting 'Skipping unrecognized paramter "seed"'.. is there a reason why this is happening?




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opparm -l /obj/geo2/null1/ *

will list all the paramaters on the node "null1"

if there is no "seed" paramater that already exists on the node then you will get an error.

If you edit the paramater interface on the null and add a "seed" paramater you can get its value with;

opparm -d /obj/geo2/null1/ seed

To set that seed value (if it exists)

opparm  /obj/geo2/null1 seed 3

If you are trying to create paramaters on nodes I would suggest using python and look into parmtemplategroups. The creating of these template groups can get a little tricky especially when you nest them in other template groups.

Hope this helps


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