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Why am I getting white bake textures?

Bill Mill

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I’m trying to bake texture using both “bake texture” and “games baker” nodes, a simple Geometry as the LOW RES / Uv object and a hairgen node as the HIGH Res Object, but all my results fail to capture any colors from hair (base color) although the normals seem to be right.

How do I properly bake the hair shader to the texture?

PS: I already tried to disable lighting.



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ok then i think your issue will be either "Disable Lighting and Emission" on bake texture ROP enabled (you want to disable it to bake a Cf channel), or your shader setup is broken. those two are first things i'd check.

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It took me way too long to figure this out, but I found a usable solution, and it's kinda stupidly simple so I'm surprised it hasn't been explicitly mentioned earlier (unless it actually turns out to be a poor solution, or maybe I'm just really bad at Google).

Using the Labs Simple Baker, I turned off base color and added a custom channel, set the attribute name to Cd and suffix to whatever. Then when you bake it, that custom channel will have the colors from the Cd attribute.

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