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HDA annotation (not comment)

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Here's a File Cache asset I developed for our current diploma project,

it updates the comment based on the files in the output directory and gathers some super useful information.

Currently that's done through updating the comment, but I recently realized there's another way of doing this, like the SOP-level pyro solver does, with a blue font and not the turquoise like a comment. I'm hoping it integrates a bit better into other utilities I built around it.


The MOPs Falloff does this too for example. I've scoured every submenu of the operator type defition and couldn't find any hint of code that would do that. Google wouldn't yield anything either. Anyone know how?


Thanks for the help!

- Martin 

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go to Operator Type Properties window of your hda -> Node tab -> Descriptive Parm, type into a parameter name of the hda which value you want to see in the Network View.

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That is awesome, thank you so much! :D

Gotta look at that node tab much more closely. The documentation seems a bit opaque on that.

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