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RBD attack one flickering piece.

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I'm fairly new to Houdini, currently working on a RBD wood sim, happy with the current result. There's just one little piece that jiggers (geo overlap) and would love to only fix that specific piece so the rest is not affected.
Thinking about 2 options but not sure how to do this:
- Keep this piece attached to the bigger piece it originally was attached too.
- Give this piece some extra velocity to create distance from the surface it's jiggering with.


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If you want to keep the little piece attached to the bigger piece, make the "name" attribute the same before packing/assembling.

For example, if the big piece is called "piece34" and the little one is called "piece7" then change the name of the little piece to "piece34" as well.

Again, make sure you do this BEFORE packing/assembling it, or the DOP will tell you there's a duplicate name. You want both pieces to be one packed primitive.

That being said, if there's a geo overlap problem, I've found it's often due to concave pieces getting convex hulls as proxy geo in the DOP. You can help reduce this by using convex decomposition on the proxy geo.

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Hi Dan,

New to the forum too, totally missed your reply, need to check notifications here somewhere :) Appologies for late thank you!!
Curious to try this out!



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