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Having work items be done one at a time in TOPS

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Hello, I’ve recently been trying to improve my wedging workflow. I’ve figured out how to do basic wedges and create previews and and side by side comparison videos and all that.

As of now I save out each sim to its own folder. My issue is that if I wanted to try out 20 sims overnight, this would take up quite a lot to of disk space. What I would ideally like to do is sim a work item and create a preview video of that item, and then have the next sim write over the previous sim’s data and create a new preview. This way I would have just one sim cached and 20 different preview videos.

I’m very new to TOPS so any suggestion would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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While I haven't done something like that personally, because it seems really inconvenient having to resim the wedge you liked, it should be straightforward. Just remove any reference to the current wedge in the simulation ROPs save path(but not for the preview generation obviously) and it should overwrite your sim data.

EDIT: Or you could use the Remove File TOP to delete the sim data after the preview generation is finished.

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