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Possible to map full frame to a specific tile?

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Obviously this goes against the concept of what tiled renders are used for, but I was wondering if it's possible to somehow render the entire camera frame inside only one tile of a tiled render?
And then map a separate camera to the next tile and so on.


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You mean like Impostor texture sheets? You could write a cvex lens shader like shown in this tutorial

If this is indeed exactly what you need it for, the SidefxLabs tools come with this hda

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I'll have a look at those.  Here's a summary of what I'd like to do:

After seeing the Katana 4.0 sequence overview stuff (https://youtu.be/RcU4pqwEmTc?t=78) I thought I'd try and see if something similar was possible in Solaris. Using context options, you could easily loop through a handful of shots and hit the ‘Render to Mplay’ Button. To display all the running renders at the same time though seems to be the tricky bit.

A couple of approaches crossed my mind;

1. Use COPs to pull in the renders as they are happening (currently only works with Mantra, and only 1 render at a time)
2. Use the MPlay window to display the renders using the 4x4 layout (have to manually choose which square the active render goes to)
3. Tiling the cameras (would need some mechanism for getting the whole camera frame to render to a single tile)
4. Save the image file somewhere, and pull the finished renders into into a Mosaic COP (defeats the idea of seeing the renders progress in real time)

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#1, #3 -Do you want to render those tiles on a single machine or on multiple nodes?
#4 - could be done with PDG/TOPs as shown here.

one thing about the lens shader: you can really only do different angles of the same scene. So if you have eg. different light setups between shots you're probably better off using PDG and distributing that if possible

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