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replace point by object

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The guys need help how to make the points of the lines blend behind the object and further, so that they go out completely, but the points near the ground remain in place




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11 minutes ago, Librarian said:

@Nemiko Maybe It Helps

int hitprim;
vector hitprimuv;
xyzdist(1, v@P, hitprim, hitprimuv);

v@P = primuv(1, "P", hitprim, hitprimuv);





Almost what is needed, but the lines are still inside the geometry, I wanted to make the lines flow around like an object

That is, I understand that it is necessary to somehow calculate the distance of the object's surface and shift it along the normals from the normals of the object itself, but how can I not understand how to do thisimage.png.b6482ec858d8b05d6dbfed5b95201953.png

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