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FLIP - Spreading Bloodstain

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I'm working on a bloostain, that shall diffuse/expand over 450 frames to fill up the whole frame in the end (to be used as a kind of 2d transition effect later on)
I was able to do a nifty flip sim, but in the end it wasn't behaving like blood at all.
To get more of that blood-like rolling diffusion effect, I tried to introduce some viscosity. But with viscosity on, the stain isn't moving anymore.
(The bloodstain should already be there, so no dripping & dropping, only expansion in x and z)
Tried different viscosity-values, played around with friction and vel as well, still no luck.

I think some viscosity could help here, so can someone point the right direction to get it to work?
I`ll attach my tries
thanks in advance


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