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Procedural Desintegration [Tutorial]

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Hi all :)

I am posting a simple procedural desintegration that is very fun to build, as always, with quaternions and vex. 
Vex is annoted, Hope you will like it.

There is a line in vex where i remap a random quaternion [0, 1] to [-0.7, 0.7]. It roughly removes the random overlapped orientations. If you disable it you can see that orientations are a bit biased because of the 0 - 1 range.

Update : Now with RBDs :D




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@k2p8  Merci Matt, that's a cool one

I like it even better with the this minor addition in your wrangle to not only sample one central point

int pclose = nearpoint(1,@P);
vector pos = point(1, 'P', pclose);
float radius = chf('sphere_radius');



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts



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