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FFX Align To Curve HDA

FFX Align To Curve brings a faster system for customizing orientation of geometry along the length of a curve. Working with point data directly, a user is easlily able to develop in realtime their desired orientation data. A clear adjustable guide system shows exactly which direction your geometry will orient towards once copied onto the processed points. Scaleable arrows reveal the primary tangentu orientation and travel direction along the curve. Auxillary normal and bitangent markers reveal the other axis orientations.

Features include:

- Guide scaling, opacity, and color.
- Offset parameter to slide points along curve.
- Reversible orientation direction
- Roll, Pitch, and Yaw controls that can be varied over the length of curve.
- Pscale (scale) point attribute that can be randomized and varied over the length of curve.
- Cd (color) point attribute that can be varied over the length of curve.
- Separate head and tail point breakout to allow for unique geometry from the main curve.
- Plus other adjustment, and output options.

Video Tutorial: https://vimeo.com/478682335

For more information please visit https://fendrafx.com


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