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A simple, robust setup for vellum and bullet interaction

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While it's not super critical, it does seem like the collision version of the objects lag behind the actual location of the RBD objects in the simulation. I tried adding a time shift $F-1 and $F+1, but that didn't seem to fix it.


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Yeah, I noticed that as well. I think (guess?) it is an effect of how the DOPS black box processes sims. I messed around with the order of inputs, but either the cloth or the RBD would be a frame out of sync. It seemed to work better solving the RBD stuff after the cloth, so I left it at that. But in the end, if you grab the output of both objects at once from the DOP node, everything seems to line up with no interpenetrations. (if you check the object merge tab of the DOP node, the vellum object and bullet object are what's being exported).





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