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Reinforced Concrete Destruction Simulation

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I am a student who was asked to research how to simultate reinforced concrete destruction in houdini. But since I am completly new to houdini, I thought it would be wise to ask some people who have a lot more experience then me
how I would go about to solve this issue. I don't need the complete solution or files but just some quidelines/tips how to tackle this problem since I need to find the complete solution myself. (I don't want to steal someones work)

My endgoal is to create a simple model of the concrete and steal bars seperate in Max and do a simulation with a bal hitting it at high velocity in houdini. (but for now I want to try some setups on just primitive objects)
And the deadline is in a couple of weeks.

I am currently looking and following some tutorials about, for example, bending metal and I also saw some examples of mimicking an explosion force using the magnetforce node with a negative value.

If there are some veterans who have some advice/guidelines on how to start with this problem, all help is appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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