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Hqueue submit with Rez

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Hello Evryone,



I am currently building a VFX pipeline based on "Rez" system for dynamic environnement resolution on Windows 10.

My question is about the job submition on hqueue.

Evrything work fine, except when my job is calculating, houdini can not find my textures or writing any bgeo on server, due to the windows server letter mapping.


  log error exemple:

 *** OCTANE API MSG: Could not load 'Q:\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\substanceHDR.011.exr:rgba'.

if I change the map path to a UNC path, evrything work fine like this: '\\***.***.*.*\tutu\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\

where "\\***.***.*.*\tutu\" = "Q:"


Work around:

To fix this issue it looks like I have 2 solutions :

  1.  Making a script who switch the windows letter path to a UNC path before sending the job -> brute force and not a very elegant way
  2.  Using the default hqueue hda's and adding my custom variables -> look more natural way to me but I have no idea how it's work, i try to add a PYTHONPATH env, nothing changes, I try to changes the HQCOMMANDS, nothing changed ...



Does anyone have experencing custom environement in hqueue or custom batch command using the default rop nodes, 'simulation' and 'render'?

If somebody have any idea to fix the fact that hqueue can't read a path using letters (the hqserver.ini is configurated well I think)


Thanks for you time.

I really hope you have a solution, except to switch to linux :-)


Best Regards








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 for the houdini support,

env var:


HOUDINI_PATHMAP  = { "c:/temp": "/tmp", "/mnt/render": "//storage/share/render" }

HOUDINI_PATHMAP  = { "old": "new" }


Looks like it's work.

I am currently doing some test.


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