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Distributing points on a line according to a ramp density.

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Is there a way to distribute points on a line according to a ramp's density?
I'm aware of the scatter node's density input , but that uses a random sample which isn't ideal for my use case.

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10 hours ago, Aizatulin said:


here is a modification of an older file, which contains an numerical approach to calculate the inverse of the integral of a density function. I'm also looking for a better straightforward approach.


Thanks this is perfect - quite involved as you say. Something that can be turned into a HDA though. A good excuse to brush up on my calculus :)

2 hours ago, Librarian said:

Use Chops
@symek Posted this longtime Ago ..maybe it can be Modified Better for this Purpose :wub:



Thanks for this, could you explain a little how this works? Struggling to make sense of it as I'm not often using CHOPs.

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