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how to sequence together multiple file caches from different camera angles ?

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I feel ashamed to ask this as it sounds so trivial but somehow I don't find any answer online, or I do not formulate well what I am looking for. I have cached my simulation but I do not figure out how to sequence together parts of it from different camera angle and then render it out all together.
For example, I would like camera1 to record my sim from frame 1 to 50 and then camera2 record from frame 100 to 150 and sequence them together to create one animation sequence that I can send to Mantra. What is the proper workflow. I am really lost. I tried with a camera switch but this doesn't seem right.

Thanks a lot guys

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@Librarian Thanks for your help Librarian. I will have a look at it. All of this seems really custom made though, I didn't realise I was asking for something Houdini couldn't do out of the box!


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