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setdetailattrib "min" issue

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Hi everyone,

Simple question for ya'll this morning. I've just found out that the setdetailattrib has modes which can apparently return min/max and more.

The max seems to work fine, but the min not so much. Always returns 0 in my case. Just add this in a wrangle of some scattered points or anything.

f@noise = anoise(v@P, chi("turbulence"), chf("roughness"), chf("attenuation")) + chf("offset_min");


Is this a bug?


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I wouldn't call it a bug as "min" and "max" modes are comparing your @noise values to 0.0 since neither min nor max detail attributes have been created yet and it needs some value to compare it to. For example if your @noise values are below 0.0, your min detailattrib will have the correct negative value. If all your values are below 0 you will have the same problem with the "max" mode.

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