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Glue constraints over Multiple Objects (copied on particles sim)

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I'm quiet new in this big world of Houdini, i need help.


The project consists of creating spheres on the points extracted from a pop simulation and then destroying them. The problem I encounter is that when I put the glue on different spheres it seems that it creates the glue on all the broken pieces. It could be the fact that in the assemble node, it considers those points as a single geometry, but I don't know how to divide those points as unique entities and then apply the glue only on the individual spheres and not on all of them as a single object. Thank you in advance for your attention and any help. I attach the file below. Thanks a lot! 


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ok, you want to simulate different spheres driven by a particlesystem, right? And you want the glued fragments just on selected spheres? But want all spheres being fragmented? Like so?

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