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RTX3090 / Houdini / Windows 10

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Hi OD,

I posted this on the Redshift forum, but thought I would also post here in case someone might have some insights


I’m recently installed a RTX3090 (Zotac) card and I’m getting constant crashes with RS inside Houdini, but also C4D.  I have successfully rendered the benchmark scene once only but this also crashes with further attempts.

Houdini hard crashes with no error message.
I’ve attached the Log and Bin file for information.

I’ve tried these RS versions:

Nvidia drivers:

Thank you for any assistance.



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Not sure if it's due to the complexity of my setup, but have issue myself with my Asus strix OC 3090 RTX.

'houdini run out of memory' error message while it doesn't use half of 128gig RAm and same for GPU... ?

I also think Sidefx definitively needs also to put more effort in GPU preview , 18.5 was a first step but ..

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Try this, dont know if it works but it is worth to try.

go to nvidia website in driver, choose SD studio version of the driver nvidia, install it without nvdia geforce gaming experience.

dont know what as changed, but worked for me when i wag getting a kernel error in vellum solver



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Still has issues on ym side im afraid  hardly could work when up to few millions of polygons, above 30millions... This is indeed really drives me seriously nuts and just kills my productivity flow right now... 

I simply can't put my different caching previously cooked all together... And they are not crazy heavy, but well optimized, no edge when not needed to sculpt a detail...

I have a ASUS Strix OC RTX 3090, latest NVIDIA Studio driver, nothing else excepted Houdini running... Has even crash when you maximize and minimize windows like the geo spreadsheet, or netview view, back to regular layout...

When im looking at Blender Eeve or Unreal, and how limited and the instability im facing now in Houdini, it's hard to be satisfy on this side... Hopefully Sidefx is listening 


If someone has suggestion what could be the issue, if not a hard code houdini one, please shoot! :)



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts









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hi, did you figured it out ? got a problem with Houdini 18.5.462 with the same thing also "...Memory allocate .."

Keep crashing even without UI simulation, pop net, whitewater will make it crashes easily above 2 mils.


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