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Attribute Transfer by ptnum

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I am trying to transfer the color attributes from a point set to another based on their ptnum attribute. So as a simple example if we consider both sets - as two separate nodes - have 10 points each;


- let's say the first ten points are all white except 3 points (ptnum=2, ptnum=3, ptnum=4). These three points are black. The second set of ten points are all white.

- How can I transfer the Cd attribute from the first set to the second so that the three points in the second set with the above mentioned - 2,3,4 - ptnums turn into black?


Thank you,


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You have just described the functionality of the Attribute Copy node. Plug the second set into the first input and the first set into the second. The default settings will do just what you want, setting the Cd attrib on the points

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