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Mantra under default setting uses a lot of RAM


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Hi guys, I feel that even when rendering a very simple scene the memeory usage is too much.

Geo:A rubber toy + A reversed box

Material: one shader with 4 4K textures, one shader with 4 8K textures

Light: 16K HDRI environment map at 900MB + An area light + Directional Light

Camera: 1920 x 1080 res

Mantra out node: Render Engine:PBR, Depth of Field enabled,  Pixel Samples: 2x2


It uses 29GB memory when rendering.....

And in Windows task manager it only shows 6GB is taken by Mantra, 3 GB taken by Houdini


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if the Resource manager says Mantra uses 6 gb then it's true I guess (and it's roughly the amount i'd expect). what exactly makes you think it eats up more than that? if you kill Mantra does it free up 29gb of the memory?   

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You've got mega-tons of textures, I'm not surprised. Have you ever tried opening all those 4, 8 and 16k maps in one app ( you can't judge by the file size either, unless they're completely uncompressed files )? Mantra converts them into .rat for rendering too ; if you do that ahead of time, it should help.


.rat files are tiled but if you don't specify the specs to your needs, it won't be optimum


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