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Hello dear Computer grahics friends,

I wish you all the best for this year, full of RBD destructions, magicals effects, cloth sims ...

I start this year with a very boring subject as rendering octane render images using with PDG and HQUEUE on windows 10

My jobs are running successly even if at the end I don't have any output images.


Log erros:

  •  *** OCTANE API MSG: Could not load 'Q:\RESSOURCES\TEXTURES\EnvMap\substance\sequence\substanceHDR.001.exr:rgba'.


  •  [Octane] 12:46:00 INFOR: [save image] --------      Saving the EXR "Q:/PROJECT/dev/04_3D/assets/Exterior/render_farm/MDL/work/houdini/scenes/Model/render/render_farm_Model_withOctaneNode_v001.Octane_ROP1.0001.exr" file

 *** OCTANE API MSG: OpenEXR: Cannot open image file "Q:\PROJECT\dev\04_3D\assets\Exterior\render_farm\MDL\work\houdini\scenes\Model\render\render_farm_Model_withOctaneNode_v001.Octane_ROP1.0001.exr". No such file or directory.


Work around:

If i switch manually all my paths from the server letter to the UNC path, evrything work fine.

View with the sideFX support, I had HOUDINI_PATHMAP = {'Q:/': '//***.***.*.*/folder','Q:\\': '//**.***.*.**/folder'}.

This additional variable fixed this issue to my "houdini nodes" but not for "octane render nodes"



If somebody have any idea to fix this issue ?

Best regards,


Mathieu Negrel













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