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Anamorphic projection problem

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Hey everyone,

I'm struggling with solving a problem as to how to render footage that creates an Anamorphic effect for a screen that bends around a corner. Essentially like this awesome screen: 



My first thoughts were to work in these steps:

1: Create container based off the screen dimensions (W x H x D)

2: Render the sequence of the contents of the container from an optimal perspective

3: Camera map the image sequence back onto the front face of the container (Which is the screen) from this camera

4: Remove the curve from the screen, and then render this flattened surface


However this is where I'm getting stuck...

Is there any way to render a sequence of a texture that has been camera mapped to a surface? Or bake out an image sequence of this texture that has been mapped with camera projection?

Or is there some tricky way of ray tracing the surface of the curved screen, and then projecting this back onto a flat surface or render directly?


I'd be massively grateful for any help or insights that anyone can provide!



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Not sure how you'd do that ( I'd guess that baking a sequence would work, and projecting uvs from the camera might be useful ) but I can't for the life of me figure out why you'd want to do step 4.

If you flatten the screen in any dimension other than the camera's perspective, it breaks the illusion / doesn't fit the projection anymore ; if you do flatten it in the camera's perspective, then it's the same thing as a perspective render.


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